Aaron Jacobs

Old Stuff

Projects that I no longer maintain.

The Ground Is Lava!

June 2016

The Ground Is Lava! is a local / splitscreen multiplayer first-person party action platformer that I created for my senior project in college.


June 2014

A side-scrolling platformer created by a team of six students I managed over the course of a ten week game class at Cal Poly.

Barnes-Hut Simulation

October 2013

A Barnes-Hut simulation in which all particles are stored in a quadtree, allowing forces to be calculated efficiently.

PeakTransit (Android)

August 2013

Mobile bus route information for multiple transit agencies. Displays real-time location of buses with notifications and schedules for each route.

3D Spring Physics

June 2013

A physics simulation (written in C++ with GLUT / OpenGL) involving springs, simple collisions, and multiple lights (with phong shading).

Pulse of Nature

January 2013

Pulse of Nature is a dynamic platformer where platforms and enemies move at a pace decided by a second player via an Android device. It was created for the 2013 Global Game Jam at the Cal Poly jam site.


May 2012

Inertia is a 2D space shooter (reminiscent of the classic “Asteroids”, though with a few twists). I created it for the 7th annual MiraCosta College Grand Programming Challenge.


January 2012 - February 2014

SUMLauncher is a tool used to manage content for the game Overgrowth, made by Wolfire Games.

3D Model Viewer

December 2011

My final project for the Android Development class at MiraCosta College.


May 2011

Vortex is a 2D Portal-inspired platformer, written in Java. It was created for the 6th annual MiraCosta College Grand Programming Challenge.