Mobile bus route information for multiple transit agencies. Displays real-time location of buses with notifications and schedules for each route.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Positions
  • Riders can easily see exactly where their bus is using our interactive map. Integrates with third-party GPS sensors (onboard the bus) to report live positions with minimal delay.
  • Easily Locate Stops
  • Using the device’s GPS, a listing of the closest stops is displayed with route and vehicle ETA information.
  • Arrival Notifications
  • Using GPS data and a pre-programmed bus schedule, riders can set notifications before their bus is due to arrive.
  • Dynamic Routes & Schedules
  • All route and schedule data is pulled from schedule.slotransit.org (reported locations of each bus via third-party GPS on each bus).

Google Play (SLO) Google Play (Vacaville) Google Play (Global)